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Well after years of lurkin on the net and blogging for couple of years at various sites, i’ve finally managed to get this started. Probably not the last of my trials, but what the heck.

A little bit about myself though I’ve never been the self-descriptive person

I’ve been writing on this blog for close to two years now. It would’t be too hard to notice that my interests probably are in Strategy Formulation, Family Business and the rather obvious: the Retail Industry.

Apart from growing up with a retail background and working in this sector, I developed an interest in keeping in sync with the happenings around with retail activity just bubbling by the day. Although retailing can be traced back to trading in ancient times its a sector thats finally receiving its due focus only now. I write what I gather about Retailing in India and to a large extent are my own opinions and interpretations and views.

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